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Company Introduction

THERMASTER ELECTRONIC (XIAMEN) LTD. originated in 1989 when Paul Gwo started to build adjustable thermostats under the name of THERMASTER (XIAMEN) LTD. In 1997, with mature experience in production and a series of approvals and certificates, THERMASTER ELECTRONIC (XIAMEN) LTD. was established.  The company quickly began to supply a number of home appliance companies around the world and became well known for their superior quality.  Thermaster has grown steadily and now provides a broad range of thermal control devices, sub-assembled products and a variety of custom OEM products.  Thermal sensing and electrical switching are our core focus and we supply various industries including home appliances, home heating and air conditioning, fire protection systems and automotive.

Through determination to gain a decisive quality edge in a highly competitive business we focused attention on high output, productivity and process control.  We made strong investments in advanced manufacturing technology through custom automation equipment from Japan, USA and Europe.  This enabled us to achieve superior quality and productivity throughout our company; incoming material inspection, improved product design, efficient semi and fully automated assembly lines, sophisticated quality assurance and laboratory control systems.  Our products are internally approved by agencies including VDE, KEMA, NEMKO, FEMKO, SEMKO, DEMKO, UL, CSA, JET and others.

Over decades of experience in the controls field, our technical team approach with assigned responsibility and authority weve been able to advance and improve our in-house innovation and expand our product offerings.  With a number of patents in our specialty Thermaster has been recognized as a leader in DESIGN INNOVATION.

Our management and quality assurance systems conform and are certified to the ISO9001 standard and this has elevated the quality of our supply base both domestic and internationally.  Implementing a philosophy of steady improvement has caused us to become one of the foremost manufacturers in China and we are recognized as a global player in the world market.   Management is focused on new ways to improve the development process, design review procedure and practices throughout the company.  Special emphasis is placed on providing our employees with safe and comfortable working conditions for a stable and satisfied workforce.  Our company motto reads:  ONLY CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT LEADS TO OUTSTANDING RESULTS!

Thermaster Electronic (Xiamen) Ltd.
5F, 38,Yue Hua Road, Xiamen, Fujian, China
Tel: +86 592 6025275 Fax: +86 592 5623726